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Blankets Made with love

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Join us for our blanket-making event!

All blankets are being donated to Four Paws food bank as a special gift for a furry friend.

How do I join?

Register at the store with a $5 donation to Four paws food bank. We will take some information from you to put onto the registration form and you are all signed up!

Can I register online?

Sure! We wanted to be accommodating to those who want to participate but are unable to get here due to snow or other travel reasons. We are working on getting a more direct line of donation for you, but for now, all you need to do is fill out this registration form and send an e-transfer of $5 to We will take that $5 out of our bank account and put it directly into the donation box with your name on it!




How do I enter to win the new machine?

There are a few ways you can enter.

  1.  Register & bring in (or ship to us) a completed pet blanket sewn/serged together for donation to Four Paws. As soon as we receive your completed blanket you will get 2 entries entered to win the machine! Yes, this does mean you can register more than once and make multiple blankets to get multiple entries!

  2. Like & Follow us on Social media (Facebook/Instagram) and sign up for our email newsletter! You can register for our newsletter down below. Once we have verified you have completed this you will get 1 entry to win the machine!

  3. Purchase a Brother accessory or machine featured in our blog. Upon purchase, you will get 1 entry to win the sewing machine. 

*Entry will be taken out if the accessory or machine is refunded

As an added bonus, Brother Canada has donated a brand-new sewing

machine as a draw prize for those

who are participating in our event!

NS80E_Image front_Image devant.png

We are here to help support you in making your blankets. Below are FREE tutorials on how to make a pet blanket and the different types you can make.

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