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Blankets made with love - Intro, Fabric, & Blanket sizes

Welcome to our first Blankets made with love blog post!

I wanted to thank you for supporting this cause. We are big animal lovers here at Findlay's.

First, a bit about Four paws! Meet Niki, she will tell us a bit about Four Paws and how blankets will help them. These blankets will be very appreciated and go to a great home.

As an added bonus, Brother Canada wanted to help support our event by donating a machine as a draw prize! If you want to learn a bit more about the machine, take a look at it on our shop page by clicking the image below.

How are you entered into the draw prize?

* Register & bring in a completed pet blanket sewn/serged together for donation to Four Paws - 2 entries

* * $5.00 per registration to be donated to the Four Paws Food Bank (Yes, you can make more than one blanket!)

*Like + Follow us on Social media & Signing up for our email newsletter - 1 entry

*Purchasing a Brother accessory or machine featured in our blog - 1 entry

Blanket sizes

There are different sizes of animals, so we should have a variety of blanket sizes too!

These are the general sizes we suggest. We won't be grabbing our measuring tapes to check every blanket is perfect down to the inch or anything; approximate is fine. We aim to ensure they are comfortable for various animal types and sizes.

Extra small animal blanket: 12" X 18"

Small-medium animal blanket: 18" X 24"

Medium-large animal blanket: 24" X 36"

Large animal blanket: 36" X 40"


There are so many types of fabric out there it can be overwhelming! Especially for beginners. When you are making blankets for your pets, it's good to keep them simple. Something durable, washable, and comfortable.

Here are a few suggestions; if you have more suggestions, comment them down below!:

  • Flannel

  • Denim

  • Towels

  • Polyester/cotton

  • T-shirts

  • Fleece

You can 100% upcycle making these blankets- it's actually recommended! How many times have you caught your pets sleeping on your clothing? They love our scent as it gives them comfort. While these blankets will be donated to a different pet, it is still a cool note to keep in mind if you are making an animal blanket for your own furry friend.

Things to avoid:

Anything with 3D elements that can have bits of it chewed and swallowed, like beads, puffy painted-on designs, fake fur, etc.

This blanket will be loved to bits -sometimes literally- We recommend not going for the very beautiful expensive fabrics as they may only look that way for a short time.

Event dates:

NOVEMBER 15th 2022 - FEBRUARY 1ST 2023

Draw Date February 10th, 2023

All completed blankets are to be brought back to the shop for donation. If you are out of town, call us, and we can make arrangements for a shipment or a separate drop-off location.

We will be donating them as we receive them and posting images of the fur babies enjoying their blankets on our website in a blog post and on Facebook and Instagram.

Stop in and register today!

You can also register online

We are currently working on getting a more direct online donation for you, but for now, you can e-transfer to us at and we will put the donation in for you.

In our next blog post November 18th, we will be talking all about upcycling materials into pet blankets and how to prep them for assembly.

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