Welcome to our Family Business!

About Us

My Family purchased this store from the Findlay Family in 2003. The idea of purchasing a family business to call my own was a bit scary at first. But it has been the best move I have ever made. I work with my lovely daughter Kaitlynn, andmy husband helps us at homeshows. We love what we do, we are told it by our clients that it really shows. 

Our primary goal is to provide you with the products and services you need in a friendly,  supportive environment. I don’t believe in “high pressure”  sale. My daughter and I Pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, we listen to what your needs are and have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision to get the product that best fits your needs.

About Patti

I love coming into work every day. I once said to my children “If you can find your passion and be able to incorporate it into your work you will have a wonderful life.” I must say, life is good. I love helping people find the perfect fit for what they want and need. Everyone has their own dreams and wishes in what they want in a sewing machine or vacuum. I just do my best to get you as close as possible to your perfect sewing machine or vacuum.

I strongly believe in hiring a knowledgeable staff that will listen to your wants and needs. We have created a great team here at Findlay’s. We all work hard to make sure that all of our customers’ needs are met to the best of our abilities.



About Kaitlynn

It all started out as a part time job on weekends when I was 12. Over the years working here I have picked up some pretty great skills and met some amazing people. Of course I was drawn to the sewing machines and how they operated. When I was 19 I started working with our sewing machine technician, Stan Rimmer, and learning the machine inside and out. Gaining the skill to repair sewing machines has also given me the understanding of how they run, with that I find it easier to pin point which machine will do what you need. There are so many products available for consumers to purchase; I like to help narrow that down. Working with my mom is just an added bonus; we have lots of fun together which creates a relaxing work environment. We have a clear picture together of what we want our business to say, and it is “How can we help you?” We genuinely do want to help you.