Welcome to our Family Business!

Vacuum Repairs

Why throw it out? The main reason we are so picky about what models we carry in our store is mainly to keep vacuums out of the landfill. Our first line of defense is to a sell a quality product that is not designed to be thrown away at the first sign of trouble. However, we also believe in repairing rather than tossing if possible. Our technicians provide a quality service with different options available from estimates, basic repairs, and full services on almost every make and model.

Sewing Machine Repairs

How much do you use your sewing machine? Sewing machines need to be serviced every once in a while just like anything else. Depending on how often it is used, we suggest a sewing machine should be serviced every 1 – 3 years. Some machines even seize if they are sitting for a long time as their lubricants and oils dry up. Our general services include adjusting the timing, tension, and stitch balance if applicable, cleaning the lint and sticky residue, and oiling the required parts. We give a year warranty on all of the services we do.