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Fast and easy blankets using your serger!

We are late!!

Thank you all for your patience we have had staff at home sick

with that awful flu going around.

Sergers are AMAZING creations to help speed up the sewing process.

There are blades to cut the edges of the material, loopers to loop the thread around the edge for a finished look, and 1 or 2 needles to help keep it all secure with a strong seam.

I like using sergers if I am making a blanket or quilt that I know is going to be well-loved and washed a lot. Another pro to a serger is that it creates stretchy seams for sewing with stretchy materials.

A fun decorative way to use a serger is by assembling squares with a flatlock.

Most sergers can do a flatlock stitch by manipulating the tensions. Every serger will have different settings, but usually, you want a very loose needle tension of around 0.5 - 2, upper looper tension of around 3 - 4, and lower looper tension of around 7 - 9. These settings will vary depending on your machine, the thread you are using, and the material you are using. Make sure to set aside some scrap material for testing, that way, you can be sure you are getting your desired stitch.

I used a Brother 3534DT serger while making this cute t-shirt sampler blanket. It is extremely easy to thread and perfect for beginners. If you want to take a more detailed look at this serger, click the link below! It is currently on a great sale!