Sewing Classes

Join us for a private lesson! These are very popular here as every student leaves feeling confident with their customized sewing lesson that focuses on what they would like to learn. We have found in large classes it is easy for some to get confused and not feel confident to ask any questions they may have. We will set the pace of the class to what you feel comfortable with keeping you confident and ready to learn.

We have a few different varieties of private lessons to choose from depending on what you would like to learn.

We teach sewing to  everyone ages 9 and up!

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Beginner Lesson

Beginner classes are a great option for anyone looking to learn how to sew. Good refresher for someone who hasn’t used their machine in a long time or recently acquired a new to them machine. 
Some examples of different styles of beginners lessons:

* How to use my sewing machine/ serger / embroidery machine

* How to sew basic beginners - a tote bag is made in this lesson

*Beginners quilting - specifically how to cut your quilting fabric pieces

*Beginners quilting - make a beginner placemat

$30 for 1 hour.

Groups of 2 $30 each

Technique Lesson

Technique classes are great for experienced sewers who would like to learn more about a specific technique such as putting in zippers, learning free motion quilting, reading and adjusting patterns, and more!

Some examples of different styles of technique lessons:

* How to use my specialty pressure feet and what they are used for.

* How to sew specific things - zippers, buttonholes, sleeves, collars etc.

*Free motion quilting/ ruler work quilting

*How to read, adjust, and cut a pattern

$30 for 1 hour.

Groups of 2, $30 each

Project Lesson

 This is a good next step for someone who is comfortable with their machine, but would like to learn more about sewing. Gain confidence sewing simple projects like tote bags, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, place mats, table runners etc. Simple projects to help learn good sewing habits and retain sewing knowledge. More complicated projects are an option as well, these usually take more time.

On average simple project classes run 2 -1 hour classes long.

Some examples of different styles of project lessons:

* Sewing a simple tote bag

* Sewing a reversible apron

*Thread catcher pin cushion

*Sewing a simple garment from a pattern such as PJ pants, t-shirt, leggings, shorts, hoodie etc.

*Small quilt project

$30 for 1 hour.

Groups of 2, $30 each

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