RetraFlex System

The very popular retractable hose is a must for the comfortable and optimal use of your vacuum system. Simply open the inlet, pull out the desired length of hose and connect your attachments.

When you are done cleaning, the hose will rapidly retract into the piping system due to the suction power of your MVac central vacuum. You wont ever have to store your hose or carry it around!

  • White inlet door with contoured design

  • Dimension of the door:
    7.4"(H) x 5"(L) | 18.7 cm (H) x 12.8 cm (L)

  • Standard handle (no switch)

  • Hose options : with or without hose cover

  • Available in 4 lengths of hose

This attachment kit for Retraflex® retractable hose system includes a white inlet door with contoured design that suits any décor, a Retraflex® hose (with or without hose cover), a standard handle (no switch), a telescopic wand, a wand holder, an attachment holder and a Grand Luxe brush kit including a 12” floor brush, an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and a crevice tool.

  • ​30' Hose without hose sock

  • 30' Hose with hose sock

  • ​40' Hose without hose sock

  • 40' Hose with hose sock

  • ​50' Hose without hose sock

  • 50' Hose with hose sock

  • ​60' Hose without hose sock

  • 60' Hose with hose sock

Installation Guide

Please call us for pricing and assistance with installation planning

Things to consider in planning your installation:

  • Installation requires access to the interior of your wall(s) and/or ceiling.  If you are installing into an existing home consider that the walls will need to be opened up to facilitate installation.

  • How many hoses do you need?  Since the hose retracts into the wall you should plan on one hose installation per floor of your home.

  • What length of hose do you need for each floor?   Consider using a length of rope to simulate vacuuming around furniture and other obstacles to determine what hose length you need.

  • The length of the pipe run inside the wall should be about 10' longer than the length of hose that you select.

  • While customer installation is possible, we recommend hiring a professional to do your installation.  Please contact us and we can recommend an installer for you.