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Central Vac

Beam Central Vacuums

Beam Central vacuums are made by the Electrolux Home Care Products Company. A central vacuum is a great accessory to any house hold. Central vacuums are recommended for those with allergies due to the fact that 100% of all the dust, dirt, and pet hair are pulled through the piping in the walls to the canister usually located in a basement or garage, as some other portable models may blow dust back into the air of the room you are vacuuming. Rather than pulling around a canister glide with a long flexible hose. There are different options to clean different types of floors, from mostly hard floors all the way to carpeted households with different carpet thicknesses. The goal is to have a vacuum that fits your needs. Built-in units are not one size fits all. We are here to help you find the correct model with the proper motor size for your home.

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Looking for both? We can mix and match the unit you want to the powerhead/Hose kit you need.

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