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12 Weeks of Giving

Ironing Board Caddy

This is a great gift idea for any sewer, quilter, or crafter! How many times have you gone to your ironing board to forget pins, or small scissors, measuring tape or small ruler? Brother has this great tutorial on making one of these ironing board caddies and we just had to share it with all of you! We have some samples made up in the store if you would like to come down and take a look, show and tell is always welcome!

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Get the full instructions here.

12 Weeks of Giving

Quilted Notebook

I like to have a book in my bag for when inspiration comes to me. Or to make one of my many lists.  I also like to try out different types of free motion on small sample quilts.  I seem to have collected a lot of these small samples of free motion and crazy quilting.  I love using all my decorative stitches in my crazy quilt and drawing with my needle and thread.  After playtime with my sewing machine I make note book covers with all my samples. I think they look really cool and would make a great gift for anyone who draws or like me writes list and notes to themselves.

Click here for the full instructions!

12 Weeks of Giving

Handmade gifts are thoughtful and appreciated as they are more personal.  They are also therapeutic when you are making them.  Time to destress, sit down, and make some wonderful little gifts.  Why are we starting so early?  Because the world is full of amazing people and time is precious. You just might find yet another person who you want to give a small gift to. There is no reason to wait until the holiday season are upon us. There is always someone you would like to give a small gift to.  A co worker, a friend, or a relative.  Come join the fun at Findlays as we show you how to sew up some fun gifts for all the people in your life.

Week 1: Resuable Popcorn Bag!

Everyone loves popcorn and microwaving it is fast and convenient.  But wouldn’t it be nice if you could control the fat and salt in your microwave popcorn while being environmentally friendly.  Let us show you how to make this fast and easy gift.  People are going to love it.

Find the full instructions here